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MYLE Sweet Tobacco Pods - Pack of 4

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MYLE Vapor crafted new tobacco-inspired pre-filled disposable pods that fully suit your vaping preferences. Combining delicate patterns of tobacco flavor derived from fresh tobacco leaves, this thoroughly mastered creation will satisfy your tobacco cravings.

Inhale delivers sweet tobacco earthiness indulging your taste buds into a vape-magic, while exhale treats your senses with delightful sensation and relaxation. Break your thirst and refuel your energy levels with this excellent NicSalt paired modern pods right now!

Refill cartridges for the MYLE Nicotine Delivery System:

  • Pack of four MYLE pods

  • Sweet Tobacco flavor

  • Each MYLE pod should deliver around 240 puffs before it needs changing

  • Each MYLE pod contains 0.9ml of pre-filled e-liquid

  • 5% nicotine by weight (50mg nicotine)

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