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MYLE Iced Quad Berry Pods - Pack of 4

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How about having a berry blast on ice? Sounds fantastic. This time MYLE Vapor came up with new released disposable pods that are pre-filled with delicious assembly of berries.

Smoothed into perfection, diverse flavors of tart-sour-sweet berries, such as black currant, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry on ice, will hypnotize your taste buds up to the satisfaction, while revitalizing your senses with icy refreshment. This is a vape juice that will leave you feeling revitalized and happy!

Refill cartridges for the MYLE Nicotine Delivery System:

  • Pack of four MYLE pods

  • Iced Quad Berry flavor

  • Each MYLE pod should deliver around 240 puffs before it needs changing

  • Each MYLE pod contains 0.9ml of pre-filled e-liquid

  • 5% nicotine by weight (50mg nicotine)

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