KUIT Pods – Mint Plus (50mg) (1pcs)

KUIT Pods – Mint Plus (50mg) (1pcs)

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FEELM technology is a patented heating system that uses a ceramic film with a microelectronic heating element. This system is designed to heat e-liquid more efficiently, providing a smoother and more consistent flavor experience. FEELM technology has been shown to be superior to traditional heating methods such as cotton wicking and wire coils.

Kuit Mint Plus Pod is designed to replicate the taste and sensation of chewing mint gum. It captures the fresh and cool flavor of mint, along with the icy sensation that you feel when chewing mint gum. The flavor profile of Kuit Mint Plus Pod is meant to provide users with a refreshing and revitalizing experience.

KUIT Pods Refill – Mint Plus Features:

  • 2ml of e-liquid in pod cartridges.
  • Specifically crafted and designed.
  • Contains nicotine salts. 
  • Nicotine concentrations:50mg

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