NAKED 100 CREAM - AZUL BERRIES - 60ML - Vape Pakistan
NAKED 100 CREAM - AZUL BERRIES - 60ML - Vape Pakistan
NAKED 100 CREAM - AZUL BERRIES - 60ML - Vape Pakistan


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Imagine the perfect sweet, slightly tart flavor of fresh Blueberries and
Raspberries with a dollop of rich, sweet cream in a vapor. Naked
100.masterfully created the perfect blend of fresh berries and cream.
Smooth and supremely tasty,  Only Naked 100 could create the intensity
and richness of flavor unlike any other.e liquid  manufacturer. The
newest in the Naked 100 Creamy series of vapors.


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Azul Berries by Naked 100 Cream

Get naked with this infusion of creaminess and fruit. Naked 100 Cream E Liquid delivers a smooth vanilla cream with a lovely touch of blueberry to jazz it all up. The perfect complimentary vape for any point of the day. Accentuate your life and take your taste buds to uncharted territories with the new Azul Berries by Naked Cream E Liquid.

Azul Berries E-Liquid by Naked 100 Cream 60mL

Taste Test:

Azul Berries E-Liquid by Naked 100 Cream is a rich creamy dessert blended to perfection with sweet and lightly tart blueberry perfection.

Brand Recognition:

Naked 100 Cream Series has introduces 4 rich cream that will relax your taste buds with the ultimate, smooth fruit desert experience.Also be sure to try out Naked 100 Candy, Naked 100 Tobacco, Naked 100 Menthol, and Naked 100.

Naked 100 E-Liquids launched in 2016 with 3 fantastically mixed tropical fruit flavors: Lava Flow, and Green Blast. If you’re looking smooth fresh fruit blend that has just the right amount of sweetness, look no further! Naked 100 E-Liquids gives you the perfect flavors to quench your all day vape thirst!


Bottle Size: 60 mL (milliliter)

VG/PG: 70/30

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