Best Vape For Starters in Pakistan

This is a look at the best vape starter kit currently on the market. Are you new to vaping and confused by the hundreds of different vape kits available? The vaping market can be a daunting place for beginners. We aim to demystify the vaping market with the following list which provides you with the only starter kits you should be considering for your first vape.

Vape kits come in many different shapes and sizes and the best vape for you depends on what you are looking for.

The below recommendations are aimed at vapers or smokers looking for their first vaping starter kit. These vape kits are all extremely user friendly and can be purchased from from our store.


SMOK VapePen 22

Over the past year or two, manufacturers have begun designing and marketing all-in-one “starter kits” that combine elements from both of these very different worlds. The SMOK Vape Pen 22 is one such product. It is a 22mm diameter eGo-style battery with a capacity of 1650mAh that delivers fixed voltage (3.7 to 4.2 volts, depending on how much the battery has been drained). The vape pen has a tank whose base is built into the cylindrical battery. Also, it comes with two sub-ohm (0.3Ω) dual-core (meaning dual-coil) atomizer heads that screw into the base. A glass tank section fits over that, held by an o-ring, and a top cap with drip tip screws onto the atomizer head to complete the assembly.

So, the SMOK Vape Pen is designed both for beginners and also for any vaper who wants a stealth set-up that provides a good, full sub-ohm vaping experience from a simple, small, easy-to-use package.

What are typically called “Vape Pens” have been associated with the dry herb and wax segment of the vaping community. While SMOK uses the same term, this Vape Pen is designed to use regular e-liquid.



The SMOK Vape Pen is remarkably simple in both design and operation. It has no display screen, no adjustment buttons, and no removable atomizer or tank. Screw on the atomizer head to the battery tube, fit the glass tank over the head, fill with eliquid, and screw on the top cap.

Press the fire button five times to turn the Vape Pen on or off, press and hold the fire button to vape. That’s it. All the expected safety protections are built into the regulating chip. When the battery drains down, which will take awhile with 1650mAh, recharge it with the included microUSB cord. What could be simpler?



The question is: Does the Vape Pen provide a good enough vaping experience to win over beginning vapers, but also keep more experienced vapers happy? The answer to both questions is YES.

The intelligent battery indicator of VAPE PEN 22 will show clear prompts. The  battery life indicator will blink 4 times each time you take a puff.

When it blinks fast with 15 times, it indicates that the voltage is lower than 3.3V, please charge.

It takes 4-5 Hours for full charge, and you can enjoy full day vaping with a full charge.



  • Moderate Price
  • Good Performance
  • Compact size
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Straightforward top fill
  • Battery life


  • Non-removable battery (microUSB charging only)
  • Fixed wide-bore drip tip (no user selected drip tips)


Smok VapePen 22 is the basic starter Kit available in Pakistan for New Vapers. trying to quit smoking.

It is available for Rs 2700 at 


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